We are delighted to announce the superb new 10 station Shapemaster Toning Chair Studio is now up and running. These amazing machines are helping a variety of members of all ages and abilities feel fitter, become more mobile, tone up and lose inches from the entire body. People enjoying the benefits of the Chairs include clients suffering from such conditions as: MS – Diabetes – Tennis/Golf Elbow – Lower back problems – Cardio rehab – Polymyalgia – Fibromyalgia etc, as well as those just wanting a more gentle workout than the gym or classes may offer. The chairs are relaxing as well as effective and can be made easy or hard, with lots of levels in between. Let our friendly, mature team help you find your level.

The Toning Chairs run for 4 minutes each, offering multiple health/fitness benefits. Machines include:

  • Chest/Back: Tones and firms the pec muscles while toning and strengthening the entire back, helps to improve core strength and posture –
  • Shoulder Press/Lat Pulldown: Tones and lifts the shoulder region and upper back, whilst giving the core and lower back a nice, safe stretch workout –
  • Waist Trimmer: Tones the obliques on the side of the waist and pulls the waist and core in –
  • Abductor/Adductor: Tones and firms the inner and outer thighs whilst lifting the bottom –
  • Bicep/Tricep Arm Toner: Tone, firms and strengthen both front and back of the arms while getting rid of those dreaded ‘bingo wings!’
  • Glute/Bottom Toner: A fab machine which lifts and tones the gluteus/bottom, whilst also working the core, lumbar region/lower back, and hamstrings/back of the thighs most effectively – 
  • Sit Up/Crunch Machine: A great way of working the abs/abdominals and core without the strain, giving you great results!
  • BikeType Machine: Helps tone and firm the thighs, bottom and core, you can also speed it up to get a more ‘aerobic’ type workout as well. To book a FREE no-obligation Trial visit please call us on 01304 614000